Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stuff Your Face

What happens when I usually decide to grab my camera and take pictures of people, no matter what they're doing?

I often get people who are irritated, especially in family settings. I have gotten my head bitten off a time or two, much to my annoyance. I wish people could see it from my perspective . . . when you look as dufus-y, fat, and boring as I do on a regular basis, even the funniest or fullest faces of others don't look even remotely bizarre.

So you can imagine just how much I love it when someone plays into what I'm doing.

For example, what happens when I tell my dear friends Brian & Monica that I'm going to take a picture of them stuffing their faces while sitting around the table?

Brian grabs Monica's brat, along with his own, and makes the shot way more entertaining.

I love my friends. They are good for the soul! 

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