Friday, January 2, 2009

God Working When We're Sick

Remember when I posted about having to head back to reality last Sunday night?

Well, little did I know that night my illness would escalate overnight and I wouldn't be able to head back to work all week! God, in his amazing grace and sovereignty, has used this time to remind me to be more thankful for everything I have and when I have it.

Now that I can't actually be at work, and am stuck at home just sitting in the recliner all week, watching movies, reading books, and finding other ways to rest... I actually miss being at work! I enjoyed maybe 2 days of it, despite being utterly miserable and coughing my lungs up practically. But now I'm at the point where I'm desperate for daily human interaction outside my house!!

It's really hard not to get depressed just being all cooped up inside for 7 days (with a few exceptions like church, a quick trip to the grocery store with hubby's help, and a trip to convenient care) ~ and that's just so far, I have 2 more days to go at least....

But God is good, and he's reminding me to keep my focus on him, and not to get discouraged. I'm actually missing living my life - work, commute, dealing with fibro, etc!! When I'm sick, the fibro flares up, but it also ends up in the background because my sickness comes to the foreground. So in retrospect, I should have been thanking God for the ability to return back to work (some others can't... have lost jobs, have lost the ability to work due to things like fibro, etc). God has used this time to show me just how much I really have to be thankful for and that I need not wallow in self-pity.

Thank you Lord for your goodness to us, even when we are sick, miserable, and starting to feel like a terrible person!

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Beth said...

Hey Rochelle,
Just wanted to say Hi, my name is Beth Gott and I too suffer with Fibromyalgia,some days are good when
the pain isn't too bad and I can still do the stuff I need to do,as you know though some days it is just hard to move at all,but for me there is no choice I am not the only
person I have to think about, my fiance' is disabled he has RA and Gout and has not been able to walk
much for about 4 months ( he just
started trying to walk on his own this past week ) he has to use a power chair to get around, anyway
when he is able he does a lot
around the house for himself but
when he isn't able to do it I have
to, some days I have to work as
well and as you know that isn't easy, I only work part time because they cut my hours at work because I was no longer able to do
the job I was originally hired for, I work at a nursing home, and I've gone from cleaning apartments two days a week (8 hrs
each day ) to working 3 hour shifts either serving drinks to the residents or in the laundry
whatever days they need me to work ( this month I have 7 days in the laundry and 3 in the kitchen ( serving drinks and washing dishes mainly ) a total of 30 hours for the month unless someone else calls out and asks me to work for them. Only a few years ago I was working that much and more in one week, it is very frustrating. Sorry I tend to get a bit long winded sometimes. I am
not just sitting here feeling sorry for myself though, I have a website up selling gifts and home decor items, right now I'm working on it to make my customers
experience much better, I'm adding add to cart buttons so it will be easier for them to shop, my only problem with that is that you have to write the description
and load the pictures for each item individually and it takes time to do it. Well I'm going to stop writing for now, have to do my laundry before I go to work and serve drinks tonight.
God Bless, Beth