Thursday, January 14, 2010

Roller Skating and Fibromyalgia

In short, the two don't mix.

But I tried anyway over our Christmas vacation. And failed. Miserably. But I'm still glad I tried. It was fun in a weird kind of way. I think I made it around the rink all of 3 times, but still I did it.

In high school, I was really good at it. I loved speed skating. Loved it. Loved it.

But I'm shamefully more than 100 pounds heavier than I was back then. And I have Fibromyalgia. These things don't exactly help my cause.

Here I was my senior year of high school in 1996:

Here I am in 2009:

Anyway... of course the very moment I put the skates on and stand up, this happens:

{yes I fell. Tim laughed. hard. and took this pic.}

This is what best friends are for...

If I fall, I have no shame in bringing you down with me Trac!

 Even niece Cayley knew Tracie was much better than I was.
 Despite the extraordinary amounts of pain, there where some definite sweet moments that made it oh so worth it.
 And some definite idiotic moments.
 I plead the 5th.
Now when I am tempted to try something I'll not be any good at and that will totally freak out my Fibro, I give you permission to slap me upside the head.
As long as you promise to be gentle of course. :)


blueviolet said...

At least you were laughing and having fun between falls?

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

It does look like you had a wonderful time! Good for you for giving it a go.