Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Globes

My favorite awards show of the year is the Golden Globes. We didn't get to see them last year because of the strike, so I was super excited this year!

This is my chance to be pathetically entertained and annoyed by the television and film industries. I love the chance to see some of my favorites, but every year it seems my favs get snubbed by some lame, weird movie or show that I don't understand the attraction to.

I was glad that at least Wall-E won for best animated feature film, although I would have honestly chosen Kung Fu Panda. And I was glad that Heath Ledger won best supporting actor in a motion picture... but why was The Dark Knight snubbed in all other categories, when it was such a fantastic film? I don't understand the way the HFPA (Hollywood Foreign Press Association) chooses the nominees or the winners.

But I'm always delighted by some of the strange moments... like when Kate Winslet won twice, and she was completely floored by it. I loved watching the emotion of those moments for Kate, and the sheer excitement she held.

I normally love to watch the Red Carpet show too, but last night we chose to finish watching the Steelers vs. Chargers playoff game. I figured if I was going to make Tim watch 2 hours of the Golden Globes, the least I could do was sit through the rest of the game. ;) Then of course I change the channel during awards shows that sift over to the political, because I adamently disagree with everything they say... and in turn I missed the Heath Ledger win... argggggg! Oh and the reason we only watched 2 hours was because of The Unit... one of our favorite shows which came on at 9 pm on CBS. So we definitely switched over to that. (Never fear, I switched to NBC during commercials to see more awards.)

I love watching TV and movies (the normal stuff) and I love seeing people get honored for their hard work. I love all of it in so many ways, but I think the reason I love this show so much, is that often times my favorite TV shows have been honored. Unfortunately, I think it's starting to shift over to the weird, obscene, or unusual cable channels... to the point where I'm getting a little annoyed and less intrigued as each year goes by.

For the complete list on nominees and final winners, click here.

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