Monday, January 12, 2009

Stiff as a board

Today the stiffness and soreness feelings are getting the best of me. It's hurting just to type. It hurt to get out of bed. I hurt all over... so much. I'm having a hard time focusing. Now that the antibiotics are totally out of me, I feel the pain and fatigue coming back entirely. When I was on the meds, I was really drowsy. But fatigue and drowsiness I've learned are too very different monsters. It's hard to get used to it all again. So despite my desire to get a lot done this weekend, I hardly got anything done.

I'm struggling to keep my emotions in check today. My dear friend from college, Cori, lost her Grandpa overnight... another dear friend from college, Kim, had a baby girl this morning... and today we found out the dog my brother gave to my mom for Christmas when I was a sophomore in college (to replace our dog we knew would die soon, and to keep mom company) has stomach cancer and might last a few months. I'm sad. I'm happy. I'm reminiscing. I'm sad... happy... sad... happy... grrrrrrrr. I'm also just about a day away from the fun and lovely time of the month, which makes the roller coaster ride make even more sense. But it means I'm struggling to keep my diet under control... craving senseless and stupid foods that I don't need or even want anymore.

My friends Cori & Kim are both in the below picture from college... I'm the one in the middle (yes, that's skinny me with braces), Kim is on my right (dark brown hair), and Cori is on my left (long blond hair, braided). Please pray for both of them today!

This is my mom's dog Bear... she's part of the family.

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