Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Things I Like Tuesdays

One of my friends started a "things I like Tuesdays" listing on her blog. I thought it was great idea, so I just had to steal the idea and try it for myself. So far it seems to be working, to help get me concentrating on the positive. Comparitively mine is pretty lame... but oh well.
1) I like getting together with family... talking, sharing, laughing, reminiscing, and getting to know more about each other. I just plain love family... with all their quirks. :)

2) I like Thanksgiving and all the turkey and pumpkin pie and thankfulness that comes along with it.
3) I like having lunch with wonderful, funny friends who remind me not to take life so seriously and give out a good, hearty laugh sometimes.

4) I love my hometown and cannot wait to spend this weekend there.

5) I love watching TV. My top favs are Smallville and Heroes, but recently my newest favs are The Unit and Chuck.



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