Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Real Honesty

I have been incredibly miserable. Confused. Depressed-ish. Frustrated. Scared. So pathetically sick. All mixed with happy. Delighted. Joy.

And more confusion.

Just the pattern I'm in right now. I know this too shall pass. I'm trying not to dwell on the negative thoughts. I'm working hard to stay focused on the Lord and his promises. But I must admit right now that it's an immense struggle.

I feel like I'm fighting to climb out of the valley, but I keep sliding back down. I want to get to the top... to be soaring on wings like eagles.

But that's not the reality... I'm in a valley in my life right now, and sometimes under the shadows of dark clouds... and other times I'm out in the rich sunlight, soaking in God's glory.

Today I feel under a dark cloud. I hope the sun comes again soon.

1 comment:

melody said...

Aww, Rochelle. *hug*

Thinking about you very often. Praying for relief and comfort.