Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fibromyalgia and Grocery Shopping

I’ve never enjoyed grocery shopping but now that I have Fibro, it’s even worse. Walking around in squares, placing things in a cart, trying to remember what I need to get or following my list, reaching, bending, pushing, pulling, getting more easily confused and turned around, and fighting anxiety because I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to make it all the way because I'm too exhausted is not exactly my type of fun!!

Whether you are someone who works in a grocery store, frequents a grocery store, or runs in and out of stores on your mission to find good deals… please be kind. You never know what the person in front of you or behind you is facing. If they look exhausted, they probably are. If they look completely frazzled or wilting, they could use some help. If they’re standing in the middle of an aisle with their hands over their head, looking to be contemplating their next step, you could offer to help them find something.

Sometimes I hope and pray I can just shrivel into a pile and no one will notice me. And other times, I hope and pray that someone will be kind enough to assist me. I'm never sure... I know other people are never sure about asking... but I say it's always safer to ask than to be sorry later and wish you had.

Being kind, offering a hand, chatting with them, or smiling at them can go a very long way.

This goes with pretty much anything, but let me tell you when you are fighting chronic illness, a grocery store is a huge feat.

I hate it.

I hate it with a passion.

But I love my husband and I care about our health, so I do the best I can. It's not something I feel like he should have to do fully, unless absolutely necessary. So long as I can still manage it (even if meagerly), I want to at least try. I have had times when I've had to call hubster in the middle of a store to see if he can come help. When I know in advance it'll be too much to handle, Tim and I schedule it so we can do it together, or if I just need a few things he often makes the run for me. I couldn’t imagine fighting this on my own.

Fighting a chronic illness and being single is mind-boggling to me. My husband is amazing. Not perfect, but really great. I couldn’t do this without his help. Really, honey, I appreciate and love you so much!!!! I know we have our trying and difficult days, but we also have some really great ones. You are so good to me. Thank you!!!!

Everyone, please be kind and loving to others. You have no idea what they might be going through. I know this can be difficult to reach beyond yourself… I face it when I am having a rough day and have a tough time seeing beyond myself and my circumstances… but every time I remember the plight of others and go out of my way to be nice, I always feel so much better afterward.

Just a reminder, even when you’re in a deep valley, there’s usually someone in an even deeper one.


~~Deby said...

Oh Rochelle...I know this one..I have left with tears coming down my cheeks due to time I pulled out the card our state gives to tell you that you are qualified for handicapped bumped me to the head of the line..I was in level 9 pain--I couldn't think or see straight...and yet I got those know why...because I never go out, looking frumpy...I care that I represent the Lord, even in pain....but especially in public...
I could totally give up this responsibility yet I know it is mine and my husband to is so wonderful...sometimes we go together, then he unloads the cart and meets me at the car..he will put away when we get home too if the pain is bad..I do less cooking because of fibro, can't stand that long..
yes, friend..I sure do know this, you are NOT alone.

melody said...

Aww, Rochelle, if I could, I'd go grocery shopping with you.

We'd make a pitiful pair and I doubt I would be any help whatsoever to you, as I haven't been strong enough to shop on my own for months. But I think we'd be able to commiserate and laugh as we wander up and down the aisles :)

Praying for you!