Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Things I Like Tuesday

Today I'm feeling dreadfully tired, in quite a bit of pain, and severely overwhelmed. My home computer also still isn't working. I need to keep this short today and picture-free....

1. I like, no love, Easter. It is such an amazing time of reflecting on Christ's death and all he gave for me, celebrating his resurrection from the dead, spending wonderful time with family and friends, and getting a 3-day weekend (hey, it's the truth, it's a nice benefit!).

2. Given my new attempts at a healthier lifestyle, I have come to love light string cheese for snacks. I eat one of these nearly every day of the week now.

3. I like Orbit chewing gum. I've had to find new gum a lot recently when each time I find a new one, it seems to disappear from the local grocery stores. Their Cinnamint ROCKS!

4. I like sleep. Too bad I can't seem to get enough of it.

5. I like pillows that don't give you horrible neck kinks. Too bad I can't seem to find those.

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Greeting Card Printing said...

I like sleep too! No, actually, I loooove sleep! Too bad I only get around two to three hours every night. String cheese is so yummy, I love the ones in kiddie packs so they're really cute :)