Friday, May 1, 2009

Please Lift a Sanity Prayer For Me

Wow, I'm feeling so inspired and encouraged by the people seeing and commenting on my previous organizing post. It definitely lifts me up and makes me want to do it again soon!!

I know that I often post links or such for "Fabulous Friday" but I really need to skip it this week. I just have to share my heart.

This has been one of the most stressful, exhausting, and grouling weeks I've had at work in quite some time. Really. It was super difficult. Wednesday night was so bad, I was just sure I was going to die. Tim had to help get me undressed/redressed. I was screaming and crying in pain, and falling apart at the seams. Yesterday was much of the same. Today is some of the same.

Yesterday & today I've popped 750 mg of Ibuprofen in me (as prescribed, for when needed). Yesterday I took half an anxiety pill (the full ones make me really loopy and drowsy).

Today over lunch my mom & stepdad arrived in town for a weekend visit. I'm so excited to have them here, but admittedly the stress of cleaning and prepping the house this week has added to the intensity.

I AM UTTERLY EXHAUSTED!!! My body is severely backlashing and mad at me.

However, I do think I'm on a bit of adrenaline while my mom & stepdad are here. I was feeling the weight & pressure of exhaustion and like I was going to dieeeee before they arrived, we went to lunch, I took some deep breaths, and was able to get to a point of relaxation before heading back to work. Then I think the adrenaline kicked in.

Ever since, I've been going with some energy source way outside and beyond myself. Part God. Part adrenaline. Part uh-oh, I've got things to do.

I hope this doesn't mean a huge crash & burn come Monday.

I'll keep you posted. Thanks for your prayers & encouragement.

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