Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Early St. Patrick's Day Perhaps

At the place where I work, there are retention ponds on either side of the building with fountains. They are generally quite lovely. But this past Friday, a coworker noticed that the pond to the west was looking quite bright and green. We did some investigating and the only thing to deduct was it was some sort of prank.

Either way, it looked pretty funny and gave us some good Friday mid-day entertainment!

Isn't it weird that it didn't seem to ever spread to the entire pond? In that first picture you can see the original pond color in the back. Doesn't it remind you a bit of whatever they use on St. Patrick's Day to dye the Chicago River? I think one of our neighbors must have gotten ahold of some of that stuff!

So...early St. Patrick's Day everyone! ;)

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SnoWhite said...

fun! crazy how green that is.

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