Thursday, September 3, 2009

One Year Ago Today, Lyrica Adventure

One year ago today, I ended my short ride with the vicious drug that is Lyrica, supposedly aimed at helping Fibromyalgia pain. That's a joke.

Click here to relive the make the most sense of it start at the bottom. I apologize that with all the changes with my blog have come some font color changes. I tried to go back through each of these and fix the colors and in so doing, messed up some spacing. I don't have the energy to deal with it again, so I do apologize if it's a little messy. It drives me crazy (perfectionist/OCD person that I am), but maybe you guys won't notice... or at least pretend not to. ;)

Oh the things that get us to where we are. I guess I should at least smile and say "yes, I've tried Lyrica" and refrain from strangling the next person who suggests that I try it. Gag.

Those commercials on TV are ridiculous.

Although you'd laugh if you saw hubster & I dive for the TV remote so we can hit mute or channel change as fast as humanly possible before I throw something at the screen or scream at the TV so loudly my whole block hears me call the Lyrica commercial actors complete idiots who don't know a thing about what they're pretending to know about.

Not that I would ever do something like that.



Josh and Jess said...

Wow. We don't have Lyrica over here in NZ yet, but apparently it's on its way... it's being advertised as a sort of wonder drug for fibro patients. I'm glad you managed to wean yourself off of it. I think I'll be staying well clear of it too :)


Rochelle said...

Ooohhh, yeah, it's not a fun one. It apparently works wonders in people who can't work or live outside the home and can have it at 350-400mg which is just crazzzy. I guess if your body isn't susceptible to drowsiness, then perhaps it's more doable. Do you guys have Zyrtec for allergies over there? It works wonders for my allergies, but I had to start on just half a pill of the 10mg pills cuz it made me drowsy! I'm apparently really susceptible to it. Anyway, hopefully this is just the first step toward BETTER drugs for Fibro. :)

I heard of another one recently that came over here from the UK, supposed to be really good. There are 2 drugs that we have here for Fibro and they weren't approved in the UK. This new one was approved in the UK, used there for a while, and now coming over here. Point is, I take that as a positive sign. My doc wants me to try it. I'm just waiting to see at this point. Here's the link to the website about it:

Laurie D. said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog, but I had to reply to this post. I was also put on Lyrica for Fibro. I was on it less than 2 weeks. I had to stop it on my own. It made me hallucinate. During the hallucinations I usually had a blackout and don't remember what I was doing or seeing, just what my family tells me. Other times, I have a vague idea of what was happening. At the time of the hallucination, I thought the images were real, it wasn't until it stopped that I had this foggy, realization of what I was doing.
I scared the heck out of my youngest son (age 11) and destroyed my sofa.
I can totally understand how you feel about those actors. I am also a christian, but sometimes I want to jump through the TV and punch that woman in the mouth. (please forgive me God). They totally mis-represent what Fibromylgia is, and it only makes it harder on those of us who have Fibro to raise awareness of how horrible this disease is.
I have started a blog (new to blogging) to document my routine and track triggers, and to help raise awareness of just how debilitating Fibro can be. When I came across your blog, first I love the layout and how your blog looks, and second I could relate to alot of what you've written about. I would love to start following your blog, if I could only figure out how to get it to show up on my "subscribed blogs" list, I would be good.
Thanks for blogging.
Laurie D.