Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Living In a Winter Wonderland - And Mostly Loving It

The roads are getting a bit slicker here in Chicagoland. Cars are crawling. People are frustrated. The snow is piling up here and in many other places across the U.S.

I hope that you are able to relax, get out and enjoy the snow, and that it won't wreck any plans that you may have!

I'm used to the snow after an entire life in the Midwest, I just hate driving in Chicagoland traffic in a mess of snow and/or ice. I'm thankful my new car is so stable and safe, but you never know when someone will cut you off... and just because you have AWD doesn't mean you can run people over or always have brakes work when you want them to (AWD only works if you are on the gas pedal). I'm incredibly grateful for this safer vehicle, but I still want to be smart with it. I was more excited than ever to have it snow this year just so I could drive my new car in it (keep in mind when I say new I just mean new to me... we bought it used). So fun.

For like a day.

Now I'm over it. Not only because it's not like I'm back home driving on a back country road relaxed and just enjoying life... I'm surrounded by hundreds of other cars, some smart, some maniac drivers, and all of us trying urgently to get to our destinations... but also because of the upped stress levels it sends shooting through my body. Added stress just worsens the Fibro.

I've done this commute now for 6 years. 6 winters. It makes me love it and hate it. I think snow is beautiful. When I'm safe and not on the road. When those I love are safe and not on the road. Days later when it's still on the grass and trees, but no longer on the roads, driveways, or sidewalks. I find driving in it here very stressful. I have hubster drive me to/from work here in the snowy weather whenever it works out.

And I still pray that maybe we'll be able to move closer to work soon. :)

Oh well... I will enjoy the snow because it's what God has given to us to enjoy! Happy playing... and be safe!!

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