Monday, December 14, 2009

Near Pass Out and Definite Freak Out

After months of working out regularly with just a bit of a lull the past few weeks {in all the busy Christmas stuff}, I was back at again tonight. It took a bit to talk myself into going tonight. I did.

And just a couple minutes into the workout, I started to feel light-headed, weak, and suddenly very cold. I started taking it a bit easier, tried to keep pushing on, started feeling it again, told my trainer, and he suggested I just take it easy for a bit and stay in my zones 1 and 2 so I did. That worked for a bit but then I just knew I had to stop and go sit down {maybe about 20 minutes into it}.

Several of my teammates asked if I was okay. My trainer and nutritionist rallied to help make sure I was okay and taken care of. My nutritionist took one look at me, saw my lips were turning white, and she said immediately it was a blood sugar problem. {I was just glad to know it wasn't anxiety cuz that always freaks me out even more if I know it's anxiety, ughhh, I hate anxiety!} So she ran to the cafe to get me some orange juice, which definitely helped right away. I was really cold and shaky, but after a little down time I was able to go downstairs with her to the nutrition half of the class.

By the time that was done, I was starting to feel a little shaky again. I walked with another teammate to the locker room, sat down, slowly allowed myself to get dressed warmly to go back home, and headed to the cafe to have a banana and more o.j. It definitely really helped this time too and I knew I'd be able to get myself home safely.

So... okay after this latest encounter with a near passing-out episode {first time since this working out routine}, I'm freaked out.

I don't know or understand all this nutrition stuff. Apparently I didn't eat enough today, although I thought I had. I haven't run into this problem yet during my months of working out. I'm confused and discouraged. I thought things I had figured out were right, but obviously not. I feel frustrated that I can't do more and learn more because of financial restraints. But, I love all the people at my gym who have so selflessly poured their time and energy into me, and am very thankful for everything they do to help me.

I know I shouldn't let this get me down... but I am, admittedly, very frustrated and discouraged. Despite the higher energy and endurance levels, it really is hard for me to want to go back again soon. I'm scared. I don't want this to happen again. I know I need to eat some protein & carbs as a snack now 60-90 minutes prior to the workout {like a cheese stick and a piece of fruit}, but even with doing that, now I'm nervous. I've never passed out before but the idea of it scares me.

I know, silly, right?!

So yeah, freaking out a little over here. What's new with you? Remember to celebrate the true Reason for the season... and don't let the hecticness remove the holiness from your Christmas!

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Tough Cookie said...

Hi! Just came across your blog. I am a raw vegan with RSD. Have you ever done research on raw veganism? It works wonders for conditions like RSD and fibro, and It had kept me out of a wheelchair. The China Study by Dr. Campbell is a great place to start. It will change the way you view food forever.

Good luck!