Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Quick Life Update

The flu hit me for about 24-36 hours Sat-Sun. I stayed home sick yesterday mostly as a precaution to prevent me from getting other people at work sick. I'm sure my coworkers appreciated it.

3 days laid up on the couch. I was exhausted and likely needed it. Fibro seemed to lessen during that time, nice.

But it came back with a vengeance. Haven't been to the gym since last Monday due to travels and being ill.

My poor body seems so confused. Why did I eat so much this weekend and not go to the gym? Ach!

Played with my nieces a ton and was on my feet a ton cooking with my sister-in-law. It was awesome. Working on a full Tgiving post, to come soon, maybe.

Tomorrow is a ministry day off work {the Christian publisher I work for is awesome like that; they encourage us to take at least 2 days a year for ministry/serving... isn't that so neat?!}. I'm going into Chicago to a homeless shelter, actually the place I worked at my first job out of college.

I'm tired and having a bad attitude about it though, given how much I have going on this week. Work sky-rocketed into craziness. I oversee all of the Christmas candy & card ordering for the company to send out to authors & vendors. It came in all right at the end of today. Eek!

Needless to say, I'll have a lot to do when I return on Thursday.

But it's all good... and all to the glory of God!

I'm excited we might get snow tomorrow night. I'm excited to be entering into the wonderful Christmas season, even if I don't have a single decoration inside or outside of my house yet {due to being sick and all}.

I'm glad my Fibro isn't awful yet, for being in the winter months. Despite that my hand still goes numb when I turn on a light or flush the toilet, or that the pain is always...always there, or that I still have extreme temperature sensitivities and am not looking forward to negative temperatures which are sure to come soon and inevitably thereby barely able to walk or function, and despite that my head constantly feels like a hammer is smacking into it or that my feet feel like I'm always walking on hot coals combined with a bunch of nails and that it's magnified x10 when I'm exercising. Yes, despite all that, it could be so much worse. It's been so much worse.

I am very thankful for this season of my life.


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Josh and Jess said...

Hi Rochelle, glad to hear that at least your Fibro isn't playing up at the moment. Here's to a speedy recovery from the flu!! Actually, I'm currently experiencing all the aches and pains you describe and it's not even winter... I'm a bit frustrated that this should happen in the summer but as you said, we should be thankful for what we have because it could be and has been so much worse!