Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our Ridiculously Ugly Bathroom

Have I ever told you about our ugly bathroom?

Someone somewhere thought something similar to contact paper would be a great feature to put on top of wood paneling. And why not some bright gold flowers to make it as gaudy as possible? Oh and while we're at it, let's add some yellow/gold shag carpeting. Hey, why not?

Oh and let's not forget the 70's style mirror, lights, and vanity. Now it's just a whole heap of beauty and fun.

Then let's put a shower in the middle of the room. Smack in the middle. So it's next to impossible to use the other half of the space for anything.

That's right people. Someone had the bright idea to do all this. Thankfully they at least had the wisdom to put it as the spare bathroom in the basement. If this had been the main bathroom, I'm not sure we could have convinced ourselves to buy the house.

I mean, really. Who does this?

So... what do you do with a bathroom like this? We had noooo idea what to do. So about a year after we bought the house, we learned of a one-time show special on TLC TV called America's Ugliest Bathrooms.

On a side note, let me just explain that we already owned the shower curtain and other supplies... there was no way I was going to even attempt to match this bathroom's decor. But of course, on the show, that's one thing I got blasted for. Despite that it wasn't our design, they had fun making fun of me. And then the winner's bathroom I think was even uglier after it was redone.

So okay, the show wasn't quite what I expected. And it was fun to say we got 6th, but yeah, we didn't get anything for it. Only the top 3 did. It was a neat experience though and tons of friends & family watched it. Now when anyone comes over they want to see our ugly bathroom! We have people who even hope we don't do anything with it just because they think it's funny to see it.

But alas, we entered another contest anyway... just to see what would happen. It's done by a local Chicagoland supply company. We find out sometime in the next few days whether or not we won. We figured hey, why not?

And even if we don't win this one either, it's okay. We can keep that sign up and you can come for a visit. :)


Christina T said...
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Christina T said...

I don't know what people were thinking in the 70s. When my parents bought their house there were some really ugly carpets in it. Reneta and I used to pretend that one room was "hell" because it had this nasty orange carpet. It even had a cigarette burn in it. There was another adjacent room with blue carpet that we called "heaven". Our bedrooms had this great shag carpet and mine was this bright Elmo red. Such fond memories of some truly hideous interior decorations.

I hope you win this contest! Keeping my fingers crossed.

Future of Hope said...

I had forgotten about your bathroom!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I think I watched that show...that is soooo funny! If it makes you feel any better, I think you should have won. The carpet alone (I mean, carpet in a bathroom...ick!) would have done it for me, but all the other stuff...oh, my word!!!