Saturday, March 27, 2010

Losing It, Week 5

We are halfway through the Losing It 10 Week Challenge. I can't believe how quickly time flies anymore. This is week 5.

I think.

I had a really great session with my nutritionist Thursday night. But one of her goals for me right now is to totally, with a vengence, avoid the scale!!! I was starting to rely on it way too much.

And I was getting too easily discouraged by it way too much.

So I can't tell you I'm doing in that regard, but I do know this:
  • My clothes are looser
  • I'm either going to need to buy belts soon {which I hate...ask any really overweight person; belts are evil, they jam into your tummy and make you miserable} or buy new clothes {which I really can't do}... hmmm, a bit of a pickle
  • I am stronger
  • I have more endurance
  • I have more energy
  • The pain subsides as I stay in shape... one workout missed and I can tell
  • I've asked for higher weight levels for my strength training; a sign that I'm getting stronger and can push myself harder
  • Overall I am having better days and have been able to be at work more days this winter than in years past
  • I am a little more confident
So even though I can't see it on the scale, I know I'm making huge changes that will stick with me. It's just taking time. And I have to allow myself some grace. I'm different than other people. I'm not going to lose the weight overnight like some can. I'm attempting to do a drastic lifestyle change that will be with me forever instead of an overnight fad diet, or a feeble attempt at weight loss. I don't want to yo-yo. This has to stick.

That means learning to give myself a little more grace while still pushing myself hard.

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Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

First of all, YES, I hate belts. But hello! Loose clothes are GREAT!! Good for you!

I love, LOVE this sentence: "That means learning to give myself a little more grace while still pushing myself hard."

THAT is what I need to learn. THAT is the balance I need in my life, in my heart.

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

If your pants have buttons you can move the button over to help make them smaller, thus avoiding the belt issue.

Jennie@ Got My Reservations said...

Good for you for keeping the big picture in focus. And yes, I hate belts.