Monday, April 12, 2010

Going Natural, Part 2

I learned all kinds of things last Thursday in my grocery store tour with my dietician. She's just quite simply amazing. I was delighted, overwhelmed, enthusiastic, and exhausted by the end of the evening. And I'd gotten myself some pretty good grub to try out. Yay! :)

Low-carb/healthier breads, lean meats (in ways I didn't even look for!), and organic salad dressings. It's an array of spectacular tastes I just zoomed past previously. For example, I didn't really pay attention to the labels that come on the meats, I just tried to look them over to see if they looked thin and not fatty. But now I know you can't always trust those meat labels, and you need to look closely at the fat content not just on the outer part of the meat, but also the inner part of the meat! Who knew?!

Wait, don't answer that.

I loved the Natural Ovens whole grain bagel I had this morning for breakfast with 2 Tbsp of natural Trader Joe's peanut butter (along with strawberries and a no sugar added Carnation Instant breakfast), yummm! These bagels have 8g fiber, 320mg omega 3's, 46g whole grains, and NO weird preservatives, oils, or fake stuff! Yay!

Wow, even two months ago I cannot imagine myself having said any of that! I am learning so much!

And I've been amazed at how much my dietician wants me to eat. I am not deprived. Just eating healthier stuff that will keep me fuller longer!


Lynda Young said...

Yeah, when I found out that eating more, and eating better, balances out the metabolism and you feel sooooo much better for it! And you are right, you don't lose out on flavour. I think you gain more flavours! :)

Stephanie said...

Rochelle,I'm sooo proud of you for your commitment to getting healthy!



Carol said...

Way to go, Rochelle. Keep sharing, it makes me want to work harder to eat like I did when I was on the core plan of WW.

Natural said...

Hey Rochelle,

Thank you for your positive comments on our bagel. We're thrilled that you enjoyed it, and took the time to post a favorable review of it on your blog!

Please email us at naturalovensbakery at with your address, and I'll snail mail you a coupon for a free product. (please use @ instead of "at" in the address)

Natural Ovens Bakery

Anonymous said...

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