Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Things I MISS Tuesday

I miss real spaghetti, meatballs, and breadsticks. Yummo!



Carol said...

use ground chicken or turkey for the meat in your sauce. Use whole grain spaghetti. If you have a roll, be sure it is whole grain (maybe half instead of a whole). Put lots of veggies in your sauce... mushrooms/zuchinni/celery (you can even puree the ones in your frig that are leftovers and add them to the sauce. Nice and healthy and tasty. Make a fresh salad to go with it. Yummy dinner...less calories and fat.

Rochelle said...

Yeah, I know. But it's still not as good as the spaghetti, meat sauce, meatballs, breadsticks, and Mr. Pibb I get at Fazoli's when visiting my hometown. I'm getting used to the healthier stuff, but there's still just nothing quite like Fazoli's.

Thanks for the input though, I really appreciate it! :)