Friday, May 14, 2010

Fabulous Friday - Pics from Video Shoot Week 4/19-4/23

Happy Friday!
And sorry this is so late in the day; it was a busy one!

I just had to share with you some pictures from our video shoot week a few weeks ago. It was soooo fun and such a learning experience.

Up early enough we saw the sunrise over the college campus nearby
Getting prepped to start shooting
Lining up the camera
Leif & Katie were wayyy too excited to be here at 6:15 am!
We were all freezing for like the first hour before the sun fully appeared
Having fun between takes
Director of photography laying on the stairs while the director is on his way up to give us a few instructions... these guys are good!
The still-shot photographer getting some flowers... these guys'll just do anything! Not that I haven't done the same... ahem....

I loved watching these guys do their thing. As a communication major {speech major; media minor}, I just live for this kind of thing.
Tim, our still photographer, and I having fun taking pics of each other :)
One of the key actresses and her real-life hubby in the foreground; extras in the background
Our Bible production director playing the pastor role. 
Director, photography, video dude, and lighting guys collaborating
Getting some instructions from the best director I know I've ever worked with
Our Bible team goofballs... aka A. J. {our Bible typesetter} and Randy {senior VP, Bibles} :)
Two of the main actresses
The guys collaborating after a long day and reviewing the upcoming days schedules

There are so many more pics, but I have to end this sometime, and I'm sure you don't want to scroll through a million of 'em. But thank you for humoring me and sharing the great experience with me.

Happy Fabulous Friday! Hope you all had a good one! :)

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