Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ten Years Ago Today - Our Rehearsal

Ten years ago today, I...
  • was getting a manicure and massage along with one of my bridesmaids, Melissa.
  • was decorating the church.
  • was organizing picture displays for the reception. 
  • was a little irritated that the guys kidnapped the groom for hours on end in the afternoon with me having no clue where they were (they took him to lunch and came back like 4 hours later having gone bowling! - now I'm grateful they had that time, it just threw a wrench into some questions of set up I had for Tim).
  • was a little nervous.
  • was organizing the rehearsal and dinner.
  • was excited about a pool party with friends that got rained out.
  • was embarrassed and yet had a blast at my bachelorette party at my best friend Tracie's house.
  • was stoked to have one of my bridesmaids, Cori, spending the night at my house to help keep me company, get me out of the house at the right time in the morning, and to help share in my excitement... and help me get as little sleep as possible. ;)
Ten years ago tomorrow, I married the greatest guy in the world. 

Now pardon me, my hubby is sitting next to me on the front porch of a B & B in a little Michigan town, and it's time we go have some time together eating lunch and enjoying the day. Tootles!

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