Friday, July 16, 2010

Fabulous Friday

Yesterday after sitting in a jury assembly room for 5 hours waiting to see if we were needed {more on this later}, I needed a reprieve on my way home. Thought I'd pull off for some ice cream, until I started to pass a Baker's Square, one of my all-time favorite restaurants and they've all closed near my home. I was an hour and 15 minutes from my house and decided on a whim as I was starting to pass by it that I might as well go in and get a slice of pie.

So I did. And I relished every second of it. 

Now don't you dare go tell my trainer. ;)

Happy Friday!


Vikki G said...

Good for you!! Sometimes we just need a simple indulgence. Pie always sets the day right. ha ha

Future of Hope said...

French. Silk. Pie.

You really know how to torture a pregnant mamma who has been craving pie for a week now.
(Note to self: Must come up with an excuse to head into Peoria and stop at Perkins for a slice of French Silk Pie!)

Lynda Young said...

That pie looks evil. It must have been delicious!