Sunday, July 25, 2010

Flooding & Friendship

Please check out my friend Monica's post about their flooding yesterday. We appreciate any prayers you could send their way, as well as for all the others affected. 

In addition, for those in Chicagoland, please send some love over to Brian's new photography website.

Yesterday was pretty crazy for me [in good ways], but today we helped Brian & Monica organize some of their stuff, played with Parker, and lent moral support. Also tonight we found out the first floor of my work building was flooded, and Tim went to his work building where it's also got some flooding.

We are so thankful for God's provision, and always reminded of how faithful He is even when we feel momentarily forgotten or abandoned. We know that's not true. We know it could have been worse but in His sovereignty, it wasn't.

At least they still have their sense of humor and spunkiness!!! :)

Friend, I'm so thankful for the hours we got to spend helping you, and watching you handle things with grace, humor, and thanksgiving. I know it's hard to see stuff ruined, but you know how great our God is, and how much worse it truly could have been. You indeed are blessed, and I'm always so privileged to get to live life and learn next to someone as extraordinary as you! Your entire family really ministered to me today. We often see the most beautiful things come out of the ashes. This indeed was one of those times. I'm so sad this happened to you, but so grateful it wasn't worse. All these bad events that have happened in the last month or so are growing your character, building you up into the person you will someday be. I look forward to seeing all that God continues to do in and through you. 

Hope you all had a blessed weekend and were able to stay relatively dry!


blueviolet said...

They seemed to be in good spirits in spite of the situation!

Lynda Young said...

Beautiful post for times of hardship.
Blessings to you,