Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lots of Water

It rained in excess around Chicagoland last night into this morning. Many of the suburbs got between 7-8 inches of rain in less than 24 hours. So many streets and highways were flooded. Many houses, driveways, yards, and neighborhood creeks were flooded.

It's been a sad, hard day around here for many. We are thankful for a mostly dry basement. Our basement bedroom {the one where we found a mold/mildew problem a couple weeks ago] flooded but thankfully it remained mostly confined to that room and just ever-so-slightly into the hallway and laundry room.

Sadly, our dear friends Brian and Monica were not so lucky. They have been working to finish their basement, and woke up this morning to 4 inches or so covering their entire basement. I'm so completely sick for them.

There are a lot of people in the area affected a lot by the rains overnight and desperately need your prayers! As the storms move across the country, please pray for everyone affected, dealing with flooding, losing their homes, risking their lives, and facing some really tough decisions.

It's hard in times like these to remember God's promise to never again fully flood the earth, but He did promise... and we must rest in His promises. And remember that we will someday have an eternal home with Him in glory. Where flooding cannot destroy what we have.

But while we are still here on earth, may flooding never destroy our spirit.

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Debbie Vermilyea said...

Glad to hear you are ok and that you didn't have much flood damage. Haven't heard from my son yet. I hope he has posted on facebook. He was a couple hours away from Chicago over the wknd. Expect he may have had trouble getting home. Will say a prayer for the water to receed and that there is minimal damage. Hugs