Monday, July 26, 2010

Workplace Flooding

The flooding that happened in Chicagoland from Fri night into Sat morning also affected our workplace. The below pictures were taken by my coworker Connie's husband on Saturday.

Looking out from our front parking lot to the street and train station parking lot.

At the back of the building, facing the left-hand side {we have retention ponds on both sides... hence why we had fish just hanging out in our hallways and offices...nice}.

At the top of the hill behind the building, our back parking lot slopes down and just collected a ton of water there.

More back parking lot. Just flowing right into our warehouse.

Front parking lot and street. Yipes.

More front parking lot. Sad for our creative director's car {he was in England}!

Back parking lot looking at the docks.

Docks. So sad. :(
Flood pictures courtesy of Jim Hall.

Today, the after effects....

The water line at the elevator

Lots and lots of fans to dry the carpet

Water line on a post in the warehouse

Equipment glad it wasn't worse!

Our lunchroom with gigantico de-humidifier and fans {see how close it is to the pond?!}

Water line at the bottom of one of our entry chairs for guests

Let's just say work was interesting and... uh... smelly today!

Thanks for your continued prayers...and for your continued support & tolerance of flood posts & pictures. We know it could be worse and that it only gives us a very minor inkling of what hurricane victims {such as Hurricane Katrina} went through. My heart breaks even more for them now as I see all this and think this is only from a few inches!

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