Saturday, July 10, 2010

Visitors, Bike Rides, & Mold

We've been busy. My mom & stepdad are here visiting from out of town for the weekend. I love having them here, they've been so great. It was really nice to have people with me when going to the gym last night, and then to have mom help me grocery shop. We had a nice, relaxing evening.

This morning we got up early and went for a 3-hour bike ride. We stopped several places and hung out at a park that's our turn-around point halfway on our 13-miles. Even though it was hot and humid today, the breeze was perfect and really served us well!

I loved being able to ride my new bike, and despite having to adjust the seat a few times, it was a great ride. I got further faster, had a lot less tingling and numbness in my hands and feet, and love the handlebars on this bike sooo much better! The only bummer is the seat. We'd bought a wider, softer seat that worked well with my previous bike, but the base thing-a-ma-jig doesn't fit with this bike. So I have the seat that came with the bike, which is less than cozy. Next mission: find a seat that's better that works with this bike. ALSO: a huge thing for me this time was being in better shape! I was amazed at how much better I felt and really did feel better the entire way. I continue to be blessed and happily shocked at how the regular exercise continues to improve my life, given the Fibro pain.

Unfortunately after the bike ride, we decided to tackle a possible problem brewing in our basement bedroom / storage area. We knew something weird appeared to be going on but we weren't sure. The flooring felt squishy last time we were in there, it's smelled a little funny, and some boxes we'd picked up recently were a little blackened on the bottom. Now we are definitely sure it was a BIG problem!

Two hours later, we were done sorting boxes, clearing out the room, and making piles in the family room {trash, Good Will, and keep/sort/store in attic}. Once we saw the floor and bottoms of all the boxes, we knew something was seriously wrong.

After the carpet was rolled up and tossed out {granted we hated that carpet anyway... but still, sad it happened the way it did}, we were left with this view... a definite sign that there was a leakage problem. Our best guess is that we need to adjust our gutters further away from the house, and we already fixed the other problem which was we didn't have a well cover over the window well that goes into that bedroom.

Now we also have to call in professionals to get rid of the mold for good, as well as have someone confirm there isn't any termite damage.




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Lynda Young said...

oh my goodness.. 3hour bike ride sounds like a lot of fun. It's great you can feel a positive change.

And oh my goodness...your discovery in the basement wasn't a good one. I hope it gets sorted quickly for you.