Saturday, October 23, 2010


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Insecurity has been on my mind a lot lately. Our last two sermons at church have been about it. It's something I regularly struggle with.

It's something everyone seems to struggle with. I think us women especially. We think we have to have it all together all the time... for our husbands, our families, our houses, our friends, etc. We compare ourselves to each other regularly. 

And we make ourselves go crazy. We force insecurities upon ourselves. We sometimes try to be someone we're not so as to impress those around us, all the while really just hoping for recognition. We want to be noticed. We want to feel loved. We want to feel beautiful. We judge ourselves much harder than those around us. We are often our own worst enemies.

Why do we do this to ourselves and to each other?


Our pastor describes insecurity as my awareness of the gap between who I want to be and who I am.

We question God. We don't think we're good enough, pretty enough, talented enough, strong enough, wise enough, etc.

We think he should send someone else, like Moses thought in Exodus 4:13. We have a difficult time letting God work through us because we feel that gap.

But we have to keep in mind that we cannot let our past failures cause a gap or an excuse for not letting God use us. 

The gap is a real thing you and I feel every day. But only God can close the gap. Only God can fill what is lacking. We need to trust Him and put our confidence in Him that He will do so. 

God made you and you are perfect for the job he has for you. He never looks at you and thinks He didn't make you right. He wants you to have that weakness in your life so that He can be most glorified through you. You are uniquely suited to feel the gap and thereby have to depend all the more on God.

Stop hiding behind who you think you have to be in order to make a difference. Let God use you for what He made you to do.

Every insecurity you feel is too much self focus. See, it's not about us. It's all about Him. He is with you through every insecurity and doubt, just get your eyes back on Him.

Let's get on that and stop focusing on ourselves and our insecurities. Take your focus off the things that aren't and focus on the One who is.

As Mark Driscoll says "I'm a nobody trying to tell everybody about Somebody."

Pieces of this were taken from the last two weeks of our pastor's sermons. 
(c) 2010 Pastor James MacDonald,

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