Friday, October 22, 2010

Babysitting Gig Change of Plans

Got a call this morning from my friend Brian {Monica's hubby / Parker's daddy} saying Monica was really, really sick. Babysitting tonight was canceled. But I did leave work about 1:30 to spend the afternoon and evening helping Brian out with Parker and doing things around the house. I'm always blessed to be with this family, no matter what's happening.

Shortly after I arrived, Parker also got sick. Both of them threw up multiple times. Obviously it's not fun. Please pray they will feel better soon - it appeared like this was the sickest Monica has been {at least in a very long time}. Please also pray that I don't get it! I was blessed to be able to minister to them today, and I have to admit I'm begging God to spare me from the germs. I was very conscientious about regularly washing my hands and being careful not to touch my eyes, nose, or mouth. So here's to hoping!

On the plus side, here are some fun pics from hanging with Brian & Parker tonight!


Sydney said...

Aw so cute!!! Here's to you not getting sick! Cheers :)

Missy Schranz said...

I hope you don't get sick, either, Rochelle! I will be praying for you! :0) And Parker and his mommy.