Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Very Special Grandma

This time of year is always a bit hard now. 3 years ago yesterday we lost my beloved Grandma. She was so incredibly precious to everyone she met. A delightful, giggly, fun-filled personality, full of the Holy Spirit, and as sweet as all get out. 

Each year it hits me in different ways. This year it hit me hard today as I unrolled the tiny, glass, clear manger scene she gave me many years ago. The last conversation we had as we said goodbye in early December 3 years ago {we knew she was getting close to the end}, she asked me about that manger scene. I'd told her I thought one of the pieces had broken but that yes I still had it. I'm not sure why I thought a piece of it was broken…it's not. She'd looked so sad at hearing that and now I hate that I was wrong, but I'm so glad it's still in one piece. Now every year I make sure I'm very, very careful with it. And I sob every time I take it out of the box and wrapping {er, newspaper…}

Grandma was such a skilled crocheter. She made us the most beautiful snowflakes every year growing up to add to our Christmas trees. They mean even more as an adult. To get to remember her every year at Christmas in such a special way is really sweet. She also made us dishcloths and gave them to us every Christmas as adults. She knew purple was my favorite color and often gave me purple or dark blue dishcloths. I'm surrounded by oodles of memories of her, of which I'm very thankful for. She undoubtedly had no idea just how meaningful this would become especially in her death. 

I'm hanging my Christmas bird towels in honor of her. She loved birds beyond anyone I've ever known. She'd get such a kick out of watching them, feeding them, caring for them, pointing them out to us, showing us her bird book, checking on her feeders, putting up reflectors on her windows to help them not hit the windows {yet they always seemed to}, and she'd get really upset whenever they did and pray that they weren't hurt. Her love of birds was just one example of something that makes me look back and remember her sweet, sensitive spirit and her love of the Lord. Her deep love of nature now leaves a legacy to the family to take care of God's creatures and His children every way that we can. Except for sparrows. She hated those. Okay, so not every creature....

My heart hurts and breaks so much today as I remember her that I can hardly breathe. My Grandma--Mary Kay was her name--was something quite special. We all miss her dearly. But we also remember her fondly, and we look forward to the day we'll see her again in Heaven! 

Thinking of you a lot today, Grandma. Oh how I long to meet Jesus face-to-face, and you will be the very next person I hope to turn to embrace!

Is there anyone special you're missing deeply at this time of year? 

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Carol said...

Memories are so precious. Merry Christmas to you both.