Thursday, January 27, 2011


** I wrote my latest post {Just Being Real} last night when I was feeling really wretched, and I had scheduled it to automatically post this afternoon. So while every day this week has been hard, I'm really thankful that today it eased up a bit. Whew! I had some weird light-headedness and weakness this afternoon, and some randomly odd eye twitching, but otherwise it really wasn't too bad. My stress level at work today lessened too so I'm sure that played a slight role.

** I've had an extraordinary day with very sweet friends and it made it so extra special that nothing else really mattered. I had lunch with Monica & Sherah, two lovely ladies who I worked with for a couple years until their kiddos came along. I'm so thankful to still be in touch with them regularly and to love on their kids! We had a really sweet time of fellowship and play! 

Then tonight I took a coworker home via a quick Starbucks run, then back to her couch to enjoy my Peppermint hot chocolate & brownie, and she enjoyed her caramel apple something {coffee idiot here since I detest coffee, blech} and apple fritter, while we laughed hysterically to comedian Gabriel Iglesias. I laughed so hard I was pretty sure my head was going to explode, I couldn't breathe, and I might just pee my pants. Yep, that funny. :) And oh boy did I ever need that good hearty laugh! My friend Annemarie is such a delight and spending time with her after work really wrapped up a very nice day. 

** My heart is heavy for my friend Sherah & her family as they grieve the loss of her aunt last week. Please read more about her lasting legacy here

** My heart is heavy for my Uncle Bill and his continued fight with stage 4 melanoma. I love my uncle to pieces and it's so hard to watch. Today's update from my aunt as they're at Mayo Clinic is that he's getting his latest surgery stitches out. We are really thankful that he's done with his radiation and the surgery seems to have been a success! Please pray with us that he doesn't find anymore lumps, and for wisdom with continued treatment plans!! Please also pray for my amazing Aunt Robin, she's been so great through this process but I know it's been super hard. Also for their kids Holly & Mary, my terrific cousins, and their families.

** Please pray for my sister-in-law Jeremi {my brother's wife}. She's due with baby #3 {their first boy} at the end of April, but toward the very beginning developed a painful hernia that really can't be resolved until after the baby is born. She's in tremendous discomfort and pain, and your prayers would be greatly appreciated. I just adore her and hate that she's going through this. :(

** My head surprisingly hurts. A lot. I didn't realize how sensitive my forehead must be until Parker accidentally smacked me in the head at lunch with the corner of a hard block. For some reason, the spot has been sore since then and throbbing some this evening. I even have a little welt. Random. Weird.

** Tomorrow I get to have lunch with 3 coworkers/friends and I'm really looking forward to hanging out with them. 1 of them is a new coworker and I'm so excited to get to know her. 

** This weekend we have nothing going on, but I hope to get some stuff done around the house! We want to finish remodeling our basement bedroom after this summer's flooding, as well as our upstairs bathroom. I'm not sure how long these projects will take or if we'll ever get them done, but maybe we can slowly start working on this stuff during these slower winter month weekends. Here's to hoping! I also hope to catch up on some organizing of pictures, blog posts for the week, meal plans/grocery shopping, workout plan, and finishing read two of my books! Shwoosh, okay so maybe that won't all happen this weekend, lol!

** Here's a video of Gabriel's comedy {the guy I said I was watching tonight with my friend}. This clip is one I just love, in part because I can somewhat appreciate his viewpoint. I don't wholeheartedly agree, but he does make a good point, and well... he's just so hilarious. Enjoy! :)

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