Friday, January 14, 2011

Wow, What a Day of Mishaps

Seriously, oh what a day!

The good, the bad, and the ugly all showed up! I will spare you all of the details, but let's just say I'm in horrific pain and ridiculously exhausted. I feel like I could just curl up and die.

But you've got to hear what a day it's been with my clumsiness/injuries. Good grief.

I started the day with a lovely nosebleed, that was just a joy.

Today became a big office cleaning day as a part of a full office overhaul throughout the company. So...

As I was sorting some files this afternoon, I rubbed my right pinky straight into one of the files, peeled the skin back, and made it bleed a little bit.

Not just a few minutes later, I got a nasty paper cut from an old catalog proof I was throwing into recycling. Thankfully it didn't bleed, but it sure did sting!

A little bit later I was tacking things onto my bulletin board and I hit a spot that I didn't know about. An old thumb tack appeared to have broken off and the part you usually put your thumb on was gone. So of course as I went to put something up and straighten up the paper, I pushed my thumb hard, directly onto that spot and left a nice indent on my right thumb. That felt just wretched dandy, but thankfully also did no further damage.

Then, the icing on the cake... I was leaving work an hour and a half past normal and taking my friend Annemarie home. We'd both had a long day and were wrapping things up late {she was preparing for a week off on a Caribbean cruise...soooo jealous.....well, minus the big boat on the ocean with no land in sight part}. We both had our arms full of some stuff we were bringing home from the office and so I was in a hurry to unload it all into the car quickly. Right as I started to put the last bag in the backseat, I managed to reach too high, and jammed my left thumb VERY HARD into the roof of my car. Immediately the pain was freakishly mind-numbingly awful and as I screamed out, Annemarie came running, and we both realized it was pretty bad. We hopped into the car, me all the while trying hard not to black out from the pain, and got ourselves safely to her apartment about six blocks away. Somehow we got inside where I ran it under cold water for a while and tried not to freak out at the blood, the torn back fingernail, and the purple tip my thumb was becoming.

I don't really get bothered much by the injuries of others, but when it's to me anymore, I just can't take it. I get anxious about how my body is reacting, because I know it's probably not doing any good internally to the Fibro. So anyway, it was just really bad, and I was so incredibly thankful for Annemarie's wisdom, counsel, and sanity. :) She tenderly helped take care of me, get me some products to help, and soothingly talked me down from freaking out... about blacking out, going to the hospital, etc. We moved my thumb around, it's not broken or anything, and I'm seriously going to be fine! But it wasn't the best way to end the day!

After giving Annemarie a big hug after knowing I won't see her for over a week and don't know how on earth I'm going to survive the week at work without her... I walked out of her apartment crying like a psycho.

So I had to run something by my friends Brian & Monica's, and while I went in with the intention of just running back out... per usual I got sucked in by their friendly banter {love them so much!!} and this time desperately needed a distraction from the throbbing pain and blacking out fears {don't worry, I'm a safe driver, I know this blacking out thing was just my imagination and anxiety}. It was great to get my mind off it for a few minutes, laugh a bit with friends, and then finally head home for the evening.

Whoosh, talk about a crazy series of events! Gotta say, I was on the verge of hitting a nervous breakdown when I first walked in the door. But I walked in to Tim having made a wonderful dinner! It was really great after such an exhausting, painful, trying day! I'm so thankful for him!!!

Now that I had to take so long to type this because of the pain radiating in my left hand... I'll hit post and wish you a great night! :)


Kimberly said...

Oh my goodness!! Sounds like you better just keep your hands in your pockets for a while to keep them from further injury! Hope you get some rest this weekend and all your boo-boos improve:)

Missy Schranz said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your thumb and your hard day, Rochelle. I'm praying for you. Be sure to rest up this weekend!