Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Things I Like Tuesday

I like double date nights with friends - shopping, mall wandering, eating at Red Robin, hanging out, watching comedy and laughing hysterically.
{This was the Friday night just before I started my week off blogging.}

I like babysitting my favorite Parker boy and inviting other friends over to hang while I do!

I like having dinner with a relatively new friend after work! What an incredible blessing. I've told you guys before about Don & Sara and their adoption journey. Getting to know them better, learning from them, and watching them go through so much stuff with integrity and grace has just been amazing. Sara really blessed and encouraged me as we hung out for a couple of hours at a local Mexican restaurant. I'm so thankful for her. I've been getting to know the spouses of more of my coworkers and I just love it. We are like family here and it's really special to me to have these relationships with my coworkers & their families! 
{Sorry for the low quality pic, my flash on my regular camera is broken, so this was with my iPhone. We look kind of stiff because we weren't even sure if the lady was taking the picture and it was taking a while lol!}

I like love my church. I love the women of my church. I love women's ministry events where we just gather together as women, praying, worshiping, sharing, and learning.

This past Friday night we had an event called Heart & Sole. We were encouraged to bring gently used shoes for people in Haiti. Then we had a half hour of worship followed by two sets of workshops, and ended the evening with a lovely acoustic coffee house. We focused on God's love for us and how He is our true valentine. It was amazing.

Ladies praying over the shoes.
Worshiping together.
Our incredible, godly, amazing women's ministry director Lynne.
My dear friend & counselor Terri leading a session about godly female friendships.
As I was waiting to go into the 2nd workshop, one of the other workshops had started and it was country line dancing! I had to snap a pic.

I like dreaming and planning with hubster over things to do with our house.

Lowe's. Love.
In front of one of our favorite toilets. Tim trying to quickly block me from taking a pic. Muahaha!
Our favorite bathroom set.

Happy Tuesday! :)


Sydney said...

aw that sounds like a fantastic week!! It looks like so much fun! And a good church is always the BEST thing one can have!

blueviolet said...

You are surrounded by the most wonderful people in your life! Lucky girl. :)

Parker seems to really have fun when you babysit!

Anonymous said...

You are so completely adorable! In some ways, your story is similar to mine, as all people dealing with chronic pain deal with similar situations. I too am wildly lucky to have a husband who doesn't love me any less/see me as lacking because of my illnesses. I will be holding you in my prayers. May God help us all!