Wednesday, March 30, 2011


5 is for the age my niece Cayley turns turned today

::hanging my head in shame that I didn't get to post this sooner::

one of the spunkiest
little girls I know

occasionally bossy
you know, 
5 year old style ;)

loves her family very much

loveeeeees trains and thinks they are hilarious

she loves to help
loves to play
wants to be like her big sis Olivia
and is a total mama's girl

she loves gymnastics and dancing
twirling and running
putting stuff together
and totally gets how stuff works
{we're convinced she's going to be an engineer}

absolutely loves life

is such a hoot
and has some decent aim

loves hanging with daddy

is a total girlie girl

loves hanging out
& just being together

I spoke with her on the phone today at work
and cried when I hung up 

Missing my family very, very much
and today, very much missing this special, sweet face

I can still hear her giggle. I miss her. I miss her sister. I miss her mom. I miss her dad. *sigh* Seeing them every month all of last Summer and Fall has made this Winter very long and difficult. My heart aches to see them again, and I can't wait to give Cayley a big five-year-old hug when I do!!!! 

Happy Birthday Cayley! We love you & miss you sooo much!

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blueviolet said...

I definitely see what you find so wonderful about her! Happy Birthday to your darling niece!