Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Marriage Tip #1

Don't get married immediately out of college if you've never lived on your own.

I learned this the hard way. Poor Tim. I went from living with my mom & brother my entire life in the middle of nowhere, to small-town college dorm, back to mom after graduation for six weeks, then boom!

Married, living in the big city where I knew no one besides hubster, new job in downtown Chicago, living with a man, and....


Major culture shock. Major marriage/relational shock. Major sharing-an-apartment-with-a-man shock.

Not everyone grows up in my bubble, but still, I wouldn't advise this transition. It was a rough one! Thankfully, God in his goodness and grace guided me, gave me strength, and patiently taught me a lot of lessons along the way. He is so good and faithful!

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