Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sleep, Date, Pancakes, & Early Present

The remainder of our weekend after the 5K race and after I recovered from a couple of hours of relaxing before mom & stepdad left.....

As soon as they left, I slept. And slept. A couple hours later, I awoke, got ready very quickly, and we went to evening church. After an incredible service, we went out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and talked and talked and recapped how we thought the 5K went and what we'd want to see done differently. It was really nice to hang out just the two of us after all that stress leading up to that day! We'd both been working so hard for it {granted, in very different ways!} that it was taking a bit of a toll on us physically and emotionally. To be able to sit and fully recap was very healing for both of us.

After dinner, we walked through part of the mall to the Barnes & Noble next door and bought ourselves a couple of books.

If you've been around here long at all, you totally know which book is for who. 

We left there, picked up some movies for the next day...

...and enjoyed the rest of our evening together before crashing...and sleeping in Sunday morning. It was sooo nice after such a crazy day to have so many hours of if only we'd both had good nights of sleep it would have been great. Something about waking up so early the 3 previous mornings meant my body was awake and ready to go by 6:30. I was not. I laid there until 9:30 thankyouverymuch.

Silly body, you know not what you think.

With that extra relaxation, of course who can resist a sleepy Sunday morning pancake breakfast?! Not I!!  

And just because there's one plate in there don't be thinking I didn't make any for Tim! Tsk tsk, of course I did! We both enjoyed it, except these new wheat blends aren't as good as they sound. They're dry, and as a result we used a wee bit more syrup. But I still feel better about myself using that mix instead of a regular one!

With my recent frustrations in iPhoto, and my backlog of doing anything with my pictures because the organization of it all makes my head want to explode... {organizing pictures is a big deal to me, and I've not been happy with any digital organizer yet} my sweet & wonderful hubby surprised me Sunday morning with an early birthday present:

Cannot wait to get going on this puppy!!! YAY!!

Then we got a kick out of our outside thermometer. When it's warm and the sun shines directly on the sensor, it can really get up there. The temp on Sunday was only around 80 or so, but check out what our reader indicated....

Haha! The days following it were mega hot, and somewhere in there our sensor died or ran out of batteries. Now it just reads "----". I miss it. I use it to help me determine whether I need a jacket or not in the morning, etc. Which the 3 days right after this, we definitely did not since it was about 80 and awful humidity each morning. The rest of this week has been a nice relief in the 60s!

Somewhere in there we watched a little bit of one of our favorite good ol' comedies: 

I have no idea why the pic turned out freakishly red....

After our rented movie marathon {movie reviews coming later if I remember}, we popped in a favorite {The Sorcerer's Apprentice} which we both just love and get a kick out of. While watching that, we also enjoyed our favorite local {as in 5 min away} deep dish pizza place {honestly, we don't have a Giordano's or Gino's East nearby or we'd probably go there, but Taylor Street's deep dish is pretty snazzy too!}:

And now as it's taken me the course of several days to wrap this up, and as I'm finally back off the couch and enjoying life in the 60 degree weather, I will finally schedule this to post so you can read it! 

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