Sunday, July 24, 2011

Benefits of Summer

Given that I don't enjoy the heat and it flares up my Fibro, I try to focus on the other positives of summer:

1. Summer vacations!!

Sun over Lake Michigan, summer vacation to South Haven, MI, June 2010
Sun over Pacific Ocean, summer vacation to Santa Barbara & Manhattan Beach, CA, May 2011

2. Less traffic : we live just a few blocks from our city's main high school, and just off the main entry road into the school... this is the only way to get out of our subdivision to head to work so no school means a much more sane commute for me! Plus avoiding school buses on my usual-45-minute-commute-turned-summer-35-minute-commute... ahhhh.

3. Longer hours of daylight : going home at 8 pm and being able to still see where the cops are hiding is very nice indeed.

4. Flip flops and tank tops : well, duh. So nice. But still I'd rather do that at 70 degrees than 100. Oh meh.

5. Wet hair : it's acceptable to walk out of the house with hair still wet {which I love and it helps me stay cool throughout the day when I have it up}.

6. Bright red faces : if you walk into a store or work bright red in the summer, people pay less attention to you than when you do it in 40 degree weather. I flush easily, it's a symptom of Fibro, and also a result of being overweight. The less stares I get, the less anxious I get, and it benefits everyone.

7. Water : I carry water with me everywhere in the summer. A bottle is always in my purse, just in case. I never know when I might need it. I have dry mouth as a result of some medications, and also I start getting anxious if I'm out and about in the heat without water. I just don't do well.

8. Portable Fans : I carry fans with me everywhere in the summer. I simply must. My face gets so hot so fast. It's a bit of a joke with my family, especially since everyone in my family keeps their houses at least 10 degrees warmer than I do. My sister-in-law Jeremi bought this around-your-neck fan for me and gave it to me in April over an 80+ degree weekend when I was visiting them. It is delightful and I love it!! :)

Both pics above taken by niece Olivia
9. Grilling out : love grilling out when the temps allow for it, whether with friends, family, or just us. Good eats!

10. Company Picnics : which are just wonderful and fun every year, I love it!

I'd still much rather Spring & Fall over this intense heat, but I'm not ready for snow & Winter! So I'm doing what I can to enjoy my Summer despite the heat. This week that's meant a lot of indoor time in air conditioning, but hopefully I'll be back out among the living soon! :)


Missy Schranz said...

I LOVE your around the neck fan, Rochelle!! Great idea...I always run hot, too!! :0) Enjoy and thanks for your prayers.

blueviolet said...

I love the idea of carrying a fan with you all the time. That's pretty smart, but so is the water!

I'm sure you're really looking forward to fall now!

Sydney said...

I wish I had an around-the-neck fan! haha, stay cool this summer! Life is always better when we look on the bright side of things!