Thursday, November 7, 2013

One Year Ago ...

... Our lives were forever changed by a couple of tests on a stick.

On Sunday it was one year ago that I took the first test. One year ago Monday I took the second test {the digital one you see in the picture} that confirmed the pregnancy. But we were still in doubt.

Tuesday one year ago, I told my first people other than hubby and Monica. I had lunch with dear friends Danielle and Danielle. We were talking about kids and their adoption processes. Danielle S just happened to ask "So what about you Rochelle?" And I couldn't stop smiling. I just couldn't bring myself to lie just to hide this precious secret from two friends who had been with me for years, praying, eating lunches together, dreaming.... As I couldn't stop the smiles, Danielle D {Dani} was sitting across from me in our little work lunchroom {empty except the 3 of us} and as I sat there quietly with a grin, you could see her face processing and as soon as she realized it she was shouting something like "No! Shut up! Rochelleeeee!!!!" As Danielle S over by the microwave is missing the look on my face, she's trying to suddenly deduct the reaction of Dani, and suddenly it was all hysteria as the pieces came together. I just remember wanting to sob at their joyous reaction and I could barely look them in the eye. What followed were big hugs, cheers, and exclamations from me of "Shhhh we're not officially announcing it yet!" It was so. exciting.

One year ago Wednesday, I had lunch with good friends Catherine and Bekah at our favorite nearby restaurant. Catherine was pretty pregnant at the time. We were always oozing our joy for her and celebrating together, it was so much fun. As we talked and caught up on life, Catherine was sharing more about her pregnancy, and like always I was loving it. Before I'd be just a smidge sad for myself too, but not a huge deal. Catherine in her super sweetness, was starting to apologize to me for talking about pregnancy and babies so much and was asking how I was. I just couldn't resist. My grin came on again and while I can't remember the details exactly of how I said it, I think I just blurted out, "It's okay... I just found out I'm pregnant!" I mean. You guys, they FLIPPED out. It was so great. I think tears were shed, big hugs, and as much exuberance as ones can muster in a restaurant. We all stood up and hugged. It was delightful. Such a fond memory!

One year ago today, I went to the doctor and it was official. One year ago today, we told my mom & stepdad via announcement cards on Skype -- and then it felt R.E.A.L. Since at that time they didn't have the ability to hear without headphones, we made the cards so that Jerry would know what was being said while we were talking to mom through the headphones. Tim and I sat next to each other as we held up the 4 piece signs and rotated... so Tim held up "We are" / me "going to" / Tim "have" / me "a baby!!!" Mom was wondering with the first sign and hoping this was it, but she was so afraid we were going to play some mean trick or something and make it "get a dog". LOL!!

After that, it all starts to blur together. Another close friend here and there. Lots of fun and excitement. Still utter amazement. Fears. Concerns. Worries that it wouldn't last. Disbelief that it was really happening.

More to come shortly about how we told a few others.

Cannot believe it's been a YEAR!!! Wow, what a year.

[to be continued...]


Carol said...

So very happy for you two, Rochelle. It's been fun reading how your pregnancy was going and then the excitement of baby being born and since. He is such a little doll. Thanks for the trip that is going forward for a long time. :)

Rachel Jones said...

i remember this time period so vividly. I could NOT believe your news. i was totally blown away and thankful this time had come for you guys. God is good!!!