Friday, November 18, 2011


This weekend we are helping our dear friends Brian & Monica have a much-needed stay-cation together as they prepare themselves for baby #2 due in just over 2 months.

We are watching their 2-year old boy Parker - I picked him up right after work, and they'll come pick him back up Sunday after his nap. We are so excited & grateful to be such a big part of their lives, and to have him know us so well. I've been his main babysitter since day one, I'm at their house 1-4 times a week depending, and I dearly love Monica & Brian as if they are my family. It's been such a joy to watch Parker grow weekly, sometimes daily. I love him so much, as if he's my own flesh and blood.

We are a bit anxious about the whole being-responsible-for-another-person's-child thing for a full weekend, but we are also loving it!! He's such a hoot!

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Rachel Jones said...

how fun!! let me know how it goes, I wouldn't know how to have a toddler here all weekend either!! :)