Friday, March 16, 2012


Motorcycles by mgink

                        Motorcycles, a photo by mgink on Flickr.

We grew up traveling around the country.

We saw lots of car accidents - and definitely our share of motorcycle accidents. I have flashes in my memory of what I saw along the side of the road with those motorcycles.

So I'm terrified when I learn that someone I love has one.


My dad has had a motorcycle for years, much to my chagrin. But I support his desire to have one in the sense that it makes him really happy and he loves it. But I still would rather not think about it much.

I get that you have to be smart about it, some that wind up in those serious accidents my have done a quick maneuver where they weren't seen by another car, etc. I know my dad is a smart man and he will handle it well. It still gives me the heebie-jeebies though, and I still won't ride on it with him.

So you can just imagine my squeal of delight {ahem} when on the phone last night with my dad, he casually mentions something about his bike and then he says "and your brother's bike".

WAIT!!!! WHAT?!?!??!

Dad very quickly tried pretending he hadn't said anything {which he did not get away with}… but you'd better believe the moment we hung up I called my brother to give him a ridiculously hard time.

And to beg him to reconsider.

I could always count on my wonderful sister-in-law Jeremi to hold her own with Tim and stand strong against personally ever owning a motorcycle.

In what appears to be a serious lapse in judgment or an overload on her brain… she caved.

My dad pointed out that my brother is a solid, smart man who won't go crazy.

I kindly pointed out that we are talking about the same guy who took a pallet boat out on the Mississippi River, and also drove cross country with some college buddies in a car that was duck-taped together, including the gas tank.

Dad laughed and said good point. My brother laughed and reminded me that he's all grown up now.

I'm not thoroughly convinced, but being a dad three times over and a full-time pastor… I suppose….

In love, I told him to just be safe and that I'm glad it makes him happy.

I don't promise to get on board anytime soon though!

But hearing this news excited my husband, thinking that since Jeremi caved, he'll be able to get me to cave eventually.

He can keep dreaming.

I'm not one of those hoity-toity women who won't let their husbands do stuff, but seriously… getting a motorcycle is as far away from my mind as the possibility of me going to the moon.

So if someday I somehow give my husband the go-ahead to get a motorcycle… you all have permission to come check and make sure I'm okay, because it probably means I've fallen and cracked my head open.

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