Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Quick Update

As I'm overwhelmed by life {in sooooo many good ways!!!!}, I don't have time to update you on all that's happening around here.

But trust me, Easter was amazing!!! We had a blast together and enjoyed celebrating Tim's birthday. I had special times with friends. My Fibro freaked out quite a bit, but not as badly as it could have been so I'm thankful for that! Now I'm cooking up a storm helping prepare meals for a dear friend who recently had a baby. I'm preparing our house {Tim's 17-member local family, including 3 toddlers, was here on Sunday afternoon & evening after all... use your imagination on what that leaves behind} for two couples from work to hang out here on Friday night. Getting my head wrapped around some upcoming church & personal events. Working from home late tonight.

And loving every second of it all!!! ;)

There's just not much else I have time to say! Hopefully a full update soon! We are just happy, thankful, blessed, and encouraged. Life keeps throwing us curveballs, but we know the One who is in control!!

So to hold you over for now, here's one of my favorite pictures from Easter. And while I can't share the background of this story here, trust me when I say if you knew, you'd be grinning from ear to ear too. :)
{How's that for being cryptic with subtle hints?!?! LOL}