Monday, May 28, 2012

1st 5K Done

Hubster ran his first 5K of the year Saturday morning!

As part of our city's Memorial Day weekend festivities {they do a LOT for the weekend and we sooo appreciate it!!}, on Saturday they held an event that has a 10 mile run, followed 10 minutes later by the 5K run, and round up 5 minutes later by the 2 mile walk.

Here's hubby as we arrived to the festivities - excited, nervous, and ready to go!

With some fun elements for the kiddos...

We enjoyed the color guard and a really great national anthem singing!

The start of Tim's 5K race!! We were amazed at how many people there were - about 800 for the 5K, 500 for the 10 mile, and 2-300 for the 2 mile walk. It was incredible and the biggest racing event we've ever been to!

Tim in the middle or so of this pic just after he crossed the starting line...

About to cross the finish line! {He was messing with his phone setting that'll map his run so he can post it on Facebook, lol, this cracks me up! ... run a race and play on your phone as you sprint toward the finish line - hahahaha!!!} 

Chatting with friends from church {Sarah & Josh} just after they completed their 10 mile race - wow!! Way to go guys!!

We were so glad the weather held up. It was mid-60s at the start time and in the low-70s by the time we left. It was cloudy and lightly breezy the entire time, with storms just to the north. It was barely sprinkling when we walked up but it quickly dissipated. Last year's 5k at our church was over 90 degrees and super humid even first thing in the morning - it was AWFUL. We're so glad this was cool temps and the clouds made it so I didn't have to find shade somewhere while Tim ran. It was nice for me to just walk around, look at the party & food areas, and chat with some people while cheering on the runners once they started coming in.  

I'm soooo proud of Tim!!! It was such a joy to watch him and the other runners, and cheer them on. We met up with several other Harvest people, and since I was wearing a Harvest shirt we even met people for the first time. It was a really great event, and we're so thankful for a great time and a great kick-off to a long weekend!

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