Saturday, August 4, 2012

Living Proof Live Event with Beth Moore

Last Friday & Saturday I spent an incredible 24 hours with 5,000 other women - including my mom, my sister-in-law, and small groups from both of their churches in my hometown.

It was really, really great to see them all and to spend time worshiping, learning from God's Word, listening to Beth Moore, eating, laughing, and crying together. It was a very full 24 hours, but super rewarding. I learned things there that I hope will stick with me for a long time to come!

In every little moment and every gigantic moment this weekend, I was blown away by the awesomeness of God and by an abundance of answered prayers. Since I just can't really put into words how amazing this experience was, the pictures will have to help tell the tale:

It was nice to getaway, and the drive weather-wise was pretty perfect both directions, but especially on the way there. I don't know why people don't love flat lands, because while I love visiting the mountains, I truly wouldn't want to live there. I absolutely adore flat countryside, especially on a sunny day when the clouds are puffy and gorgeous. The corn fields make me feel right at home, and it's not boring to me at all. I love, love, love the state of Illinois!! And there's so much more to it than meets the eye! Okay... I digress...

We weren't sure if we'd even see my sis-in-law Jeremi and friends from her church. Sure enough, right when we walked up Friday night, we immediately saw them in the line prior to the door opening. We sat together Friday night and were able to again on Saturday!! What a huge answer to prayer and a blessing to spend this special time with my mom & sil!

5,000 women. There's nothing quite like praising God with thousands of women, lifting high their voices. Amazing.

And there's nothing quite like staying in a hotel, going to bed at 11:30, not falling asleep, getting to share a room with your mom, talking in the middle of the night, and waking up at 5:30 to the sun rising. Both beautiful and ohhhh so tiring. But it was very sweet and memorable to have that time with my mom, she's such a wonderful woman of God!!

I do not recommend the Holiday Inn in Rock Island, IL. Just sayin'.

They do this event so well!

And Beth... oh what a tireless servant. She is powerful, engaging, and blunt. Beth is crazy funny and personable, and a gifted Bible teacher to women! Love her.

Her worship team is lead by the amazing Travis Cottrell. I'd never heard of him prior to these events, and I absolutely love his powerful voice! Beth adores him & his family, and they are all dear friends, making it even more enjoyable to know that things behind-the-scenes are just as real as they are on stage. I just love that. This pic is taken during my favorite moment of these events {this is mine & my mom's 3rd one in 4 years, the first for everyone else we were with} - Travis is singing "In the First Light", an incredible song that really showcases his powerful voice. Gives me chills every time and it brings down the house!

Some group shots before we left the event.

At the end of it all, many from our groups got together at Famous Dave's BBQ for lunch before we all headed home. Delicious food, godly conversation, and longtime friends. What could be better?! And who says women can't eat?! Their All-American BBQ Feast certainly goes all out. And it's served on a trash can lid. It's always been a favorite place for me & Tim - and of course I brought him home some leftovers despite the 3 hour drive! Yummmmmy!!!

It was really hard to say goodbye. I was the last person to leave, and I didn't want it all to end. But it was good to talk to God much of the way home and allow a chance for me to process it all before getting back into the craziness of life.

This video definitely gives a full glimpse into the weekend and the happenings:

Also, here are more pics from their ministry.

I just loved being there so much! Absolutely gripping and life-changing. I'm so thankful for all of it, and for the time I got to spend with these wonderful ladies!!


phonelady said...

I just absoloutly adore beth moore and always listen to her when she is on James and Betty Robisons tv show . I soak all of her teaching up like a sponge . So good to meet more christian women on blogger so nice to meet your rochelle and hope to read more of your blogs !! God bless you dear .

Sarah Jones Trask said...

Beth Moore is AWESOME! I went through one of her work books after I graduated with a few girls and it was a sweet time. I also really liked what you said about driving on flat land. I agree..I never saw how much we have right here in IL before moving to Boston. The flat lands and corn fields are definitely home and there is nothing like it :) Thanks for the post and im glad you had an awesome weekend with family and God!!