Saturday, September 28, 2013

3 Months

A week ago this past Friday, our little guy turned 3 months old!

Our little talker! He loves cooing and hearing his own voice.
Unless he's really tired, he hates facing us because he's super curious and wants to see everything. He loves looking around and working on his neck muscles.
He's really strong and likes to "climb" on us (we hold him up and he walks his legs up our chest to our shoulders). 
He loves to eat. I know, what kid doesn't? But seriously, we have one very eager eater. 
He can now see the stuffed animals that hang in a hammock over the back end of the changing table in his room and he loves to stare at them and talk to them when he's being changed. Now he can be really upset and you lay him down there, he's happy.
He's teething so, you know, funnnn. He drools and drools and droolsssss. Bubbles and stuff oozing from his mouth without ceasing.
He's slept through the night for an entire week! But he's gone backwards a bit in his ability to fall asleep at night. Not sure what's going on there but he's been a bear to get to sleep again. He's been so tired and screaming that we can't even read to him or do our full nighttime routine because he just gets too loud. Which makes me sad. But we'll figure it out. I honestly think he's just becoming more aware and now that he knows the routine, once he realizes it is happening, he fights bedtime. 
Total bald spot on the back of his head. 
Giggles when I dance or do really crazy antics. (His "giggles" are still pretty minor but oh SO cute!)
Tummy time has to be when he's in the right mood but when he is, he does an incredible job and now lifts his shoulders/upper chest off the floor. Love to watch him grow!!
He's rarely using his pacifier now.
He loves his flat teething toys to chomp down on, but he's not a fan of the cold teething rings yet. He'll also chomp down on my pinky finger anytime. :)
He likes most of his toys, but sometimes the ones with mirrors freak him out, as well as toys hanging down over his head.
He still loves bath time. We've never been afraid for water or soap to get all over him. We use tear-free shampoo and body wash so we have from the beginning sprayed water near his eyes and let the shampoo run down. He's fine. I don't want him to be afraid of water.
He seems a little confused when I'm wearing my glasses or sunglasses. Like, wait a sec.... 
He loves fun little noises, and still startles easily sometimes. 
He's great through the night still even if he doesn't sleep as long as he had been. 4:30 or 5 isn't as bad as 1 or 2! We are so grateful he's a good night sleeper, even though he doesn't nap well during the day unless he's laying on us.
We really think he loves daycare. He seems content there and smiles at his teachers and the other kids.
We sing lots of songs, read lots of books, and have fun together!
We pray over him and share our lives with him (I talk my ear off to him to get him used to language, so if I'm proofreading something during the day for work, I'll just read it to him).
He has bonded well with daddy, and sometimes daddy is the only one who can get him to relax, rest, or sleep! (Makes for long days for me sometimes!) He enjoys his afternoon ritual of walking to the mailbox with daddy after he gets home from work to get the mail. It's so stinkin' cute. 

Soaking up every moment!! Happy 3 months Eli!

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