Thursday, October 24, 2013

4 Months

I've been pretty sad the past few days. I know everyone has said to soak up all the moments as they grow so fast... but even when you are being thoroughly intentional about soaking up every moment, it's still gone in the blink of an eye.

I'm sad because I want him to stay this age. I'm sad because I want to freeze time. I'm sad because we have no professional pictures of him. I'm sad because while I've come to terms with our different-than-most birth story, I still live with some regrets that will last a lifetime. I'm sad because family isn't as into him as I want them to be. I'm sad because people treat us differently since we are older parents. I'm sad because life has gotten back to normal, just like I'm happy about that fact too!

Just really having a hard time believing that our baby boy is 4 months old as of this past Sunday.

But I'm also joyful that he's doing so well and has grown so much! He continues to amaze us with his sweet, mello, funny, and curious personality.

Having fun with Grandpa the day before his 4 month birthday
Smiling and cooing at mama on the morning of his 4 month bday before church
We took off his pants to show off those chunky, thick, strong thighs! Love it!!
Such a little talker
Smiley boy!

He is growing into such a little character! We are so smitten with him and the way he acts, reacts, smiles, coos, makes loud squeals, giggles, and gets sing-songy.

He is getting SO strong! He holds his neck and shoulders up really well, he's so much stronger when he stands up or sits up, and we can pull him up from laying down to standing up without any problems.

He's a little flirt! His daycare teachers just adore him and talk about how good he is, same with the church nursery workers. They always say he was flirting with them or was the only baby who found his happy place that day! :) He's very chill and generally happy, at least when he gets decent naps! We're still working on a solid schedule, but he's still a super sleeper overnight. We are so glad!!

He has such hilarious expressions. I know all babies do, but of course we just get such a kick out of him. His bright, round, blue eyes get us every time. We know they may not stay blue but since they are a deeper blue, we think there's a chance {or at least we keep telling ourselves that, but it doesn't help with other people do too! ;) I soooo hope they stay!!}. But they aren't quite so "newborn" blue, so maybe there's hope. :)

He's working on his tongue and blowing bubbles with us, trying to imitate the sounds we show him with our mouth or tongue. He loves to watch what we are doing {like eating} or saying. He's very curious and tends to be more mad if he's unable to look around the room and see what's going on. If the TV is on he will turn his head toward it. He loves being outside and he loves music.

If all else fails for naptime, we try the swing and it hardly ever fails. Sure am glad our sister-in-law Jeremi passed that down to us!!

He loves his stuffed animals and gets SO excited when we lay him down on the changing table. Kicks and kicks and kicks feverishly and talks to his animals. He tests out his voice constantly and loves to talk back and forth with us.

He's SO much fun!!! I wish time could stand still.

Bumbo time at 4 months & 1 day

I love you so much Elijah buddy. Mama knows every day is a gift and we are so blessed!!


Rachel Jones said...

don't worry - i felt the same way about how quickly time is passing but then as we entered each new stage, that one would become my favorite - each stage is the best because it's where your little man is and it's just such a blessing to be going through it with him each day!
you are doing a great job, Rochelle!! xoxo

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Oh he looks like a happy little man and from what you say, he is! I burst out laughing at the sight of his rolls and chub. That is just too cute!!!!!