Friday, November 1, 2013

Coveting a Cleaning Lady

I am not good at cleaning.

My living room side table a couple days ago. Sigh.

I have a few friends who are total rock-stars at cleaning. My sister-in-law Becca knows what to throw out and what to keep immediately upon it entering her doors. My friend Monica is crazy good at organizing and finding new ways to fit things into teeny tiny spaces. My friend Sara can be sweeping at 7 am like it's no big deal.

Me? Notsomuch.

[Unless I'm helping someone else organize, pack, sort, or clean. Then I'm good at it. So long as I don't have to make the tough decisions on what to keep or toss or donate or sell or....]

There are aspects of it sometimes that I can find joy in. Caring for my family in this way. Seeing the end result.

But I'm also a bit of a hoarder. So is hubby. Not in an "oh my gosh, you guys are freaks" way. Just a full, cluttered, plenty-of-paper-piles way.

Friends have described our house as "messy organized". 

Generally, we don't mind. Then there are times like right now when it is

When my friend Mary posted this, I couldn't help but chuckle. It's so true!! I'm right on board with her, about life being full of living, not cleaning. {To some, the two go hand-in-hand. Not true for me or Mary.}

I gawk at those million dollar homes that I sure would hate to clean, that I'm sure the people living there pay someone else to clean. Because, really. No one loves to clean THAT much unless they're paid to do it.

I'd love to pay someone else to clean my house. I will try not to covet other people's cleaning ladies. Hard to resist. But I'll try.

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Rachel Jones said...

ahhh - I totally resonate with you. I am not one of your clean or organized friends. we all have different talents & gifts right?! :) :)