Friday, December 20, 2013

6 Months & A First Christmas

Our precious little Elijah turned a big 6 months today!!

Loves when I sing the ABC song
Giggles with delight at new and funny mouth noises or faces
Squeals when seeing his stuffed animals near his changing table
Grabs everything now and tries to put it in his mouth
Is still a pretty chill baby, but seems to fuss the most when it's just me and him
Gets so overly excited that he flails about and has smacked me in the face, hard, several times
Hates the nasal aspirator. Hatessss. And we have to use it quite a bit because he seems to always be congested.
Loves to sit or stand now, but rarely wants to be still.
Continues to fight naptime but is still an incredible night-time sleeper so we'll take that pick of the two anyway. :)
Grunts or "talks" a lot. We've heard noises that seem like words but nothing official yet.
Follows things well with his eyes.
Grabs onto toys and other objects very well, depending on their size and shape.
Is very interested in watching us with food and drinks.
Will have his first food this weekend.
Hates his Bumbo now.
Loves to play with his manger scene.
Still enjoys watching fans and lights.
He used to hate mirror reflections, but now he really enjoys seeing his reflection in the mirror or on a camera!
Rolls both directions well, but still gets stuck on his tummy sometimes and gets really mad if he's there very long.
Has the sweetest laugh.
Is very curious about his little world.
Loves when we read books to him and gets very excited about all the pictures... and then puts the book in his mouth.
Gets a thrill out of us acting completely crazy or wiggling about or throwing our hands up in the air, he must certainly think we are nuts but he loves it!
Is a little ticklish under his chin and in the middle of his chest.
Doesn't like wearing Santa hats.

{my amazing husband knew I was too exhausted and maxed out this year to put up a tree. i was really disappointed and wanted Elijah to experience Christmas "magic" and see all the beautiful sights. i'd been a bit bummed about it so one night this week Tim came home with a miniature 3' pre-lit tree that is absolutely perfect under these circumstances!!! i could not be more delighted!}

Oh sweet Elijah,

Mommy & daddy love you so much and are in such awe of you. We are thrilled that you are 6 months and are exploring your world with such delight!

We are certain there's lots more chaos ahead, but even today as you struggle through croup, you are quite the trooper! As a daycare baby, you have caught a few lovely illnesses, but we are so grateful that you are mello and love your daycare as much as you do. The smile you get on your face when you see your teachers and little friends in the mornings always warms this mama's heart.

What a joy it is to be at home with you the other 3 days of the week. Watching you as I work from home, but interacting lots and still having a good time together. You light up my world and make life challenging, crazy, amazing, and fun! Our home is so much brighter with you here, and this first Christmas of yours, is quite magical and wonderful for us as well. A child-filled home with all the hardships, squeals, cries, and laughter is what we wanted for so long. Now that it's here, this Christmas is filled with delight, expectation, and wonder.

We are excited to show you all that Christmas holds and to teach you more and more about Christ, his birth, his life, and his death for you. We pray you know and love Jesus all the days of your life! This FIRST CHRISTMAS is a really big deal to me and I pray that someday you'll enjoy all the pictures I'm taking to remember the joy, wonder, and merriment.

We can't wait to see what's around the corner in your life!! We know it's going to be nuts, and we are grateful for the opportunity to raise you up. And... we pray you are over croup very, very soon!

To God be the glory!

We love you forever little man.


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