Friday, February 21, 2014

Another One?

The inevitable question surfaces often:

Will you have another baby?

And we often ask each other:

Will we?

We honestly have absolutely no idea. We are so grateful and honored to have Elijah. We are so blessed by his sweetness, kissable cheeks, his giggle, the ways he's growing and changing, and by his presence with us. We cannot believe he's ours.

So it kind of seems strange to be thinking about this now. I want to just thank God unceasingly for giving us Elijah. He's such a little miracle!!

But I also never wanted an only child. It's such a mix of emotions - being so grateful that we even have one baby, and to also hope so badly that he'd have a sibling.

Only God knows if it's even possible for us to have another child. But whether or not we try for one, that is yet to be decided. We're still in the thick of learning this parenting thing, and while Elijah is very much worth it, our hard start and tough recovery for both of us definitely makes the prospect of trying it again a bit bleaker.

We've certainly been open to adopting a child who is without a family and desperately needs parents who love and care for him or her deeply. But we're still praying on that as well.

So whether we possibly adopt or try for another biological child... in short, we just do not know.

We are thankful for what we have. For now, that is enough for us.

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Carol said...

What a little doll and look at those eyes! How precious he must be.