Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2 more days and then we have a 1 year old

One year ago on this night, hubby and I were on our final date before baby. We'd gone to see Star Trek: Into Darkness in the theatre that morning. We went to lunch, got some baby stuff done, and went miniature golfing. We were soaking up those last minutes before we'd be thrown into the chaos of baby-hood and parenting. 

I'm so very thankful we took those moments to pause and breathe.

Because now.

We are parents of a near-1-year-old crazy, amazing, chaotic, curious, adventurous, spunky, sweet, hilarious, disobedient, wild boy. 

And I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Parenting has definitely stretched me thinner than anything else on this earth. It's showed me my true weaknesses, my truly selfish heart, and my unrealistic expectations of people, life, and God. 

It's such a miracle. And such a life-changer. 

We are so grateful to have entered this portion of life. Being a mommy & daddy. 

Though we realize there are still so many out there wishing for children of their own and I do not want to be insensitive to that, I do have to really focus on Elijah's 1-year birthday over these next few days. Because it's so surreal to us. We are in shock, really. 

This day one year ago was full of happiness, fears, concerns, prayers, joy, and anticipation. 

Today I just wanted to constantly snuggle my sweet little boy before he outgrew my arms. I kissed and kissed and kissed him, before he tells me to stop. I soaked in the sweet and the fussy, the disobedient and the precious. I memorized the big smiles he gave me, the hugs, and the funny babbles and squeals before he starts walking and talking and I have to tell him to sit down and be quiet. 

Today is just pure joy and reality, gratefulness and prayers for strength. 

ELIJAH DAVID. One year ago today, your mama was a bit scared and uncertain. And God had it all under control. You were covered in more prayers than you could ever really know. I look forward to more celebrations in the coming week, and I hope I can get my pictures updated and on this computer & blog soon!!

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