Tuesday, September 9, 2014

We Have a Walker!

Photo courtesy of his daycare teachers

We are unceasingly amazed at how much he's growing and changing!! So fast. He's been a rock star this past weekend, with flexibility and generally a good demeanor with traveling, messed up schedules, etc. Of course now that we're back home, he seems to be a mess and he misses my family as much as we do!

I'm so grateful. It's like he knew it was a hard, important weekend.

On another note, I'm much better today! I don't know how people just go, go, go, go. I love people and being around others, but I need "me" time too or I get cranky and hit empty. Been super busy today, but I'm so glad I was able to have a day to myself to recover. It was important to my sanity, and now that I can see straight and feel refreshed, I can get back into normal life. :) I needed my own tank filled back up.

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Carol said...

What a doll. He is going to have the gals chasing him later on. So cute.