Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rough Weekends and Family Photos

It was a rough weekend and we barely survived it.

I struggled with severe anxiety on Friday. 
But we had a great date night.

Saturday I hit my head HARD on our table and I got dizzy. 
But I spoke with two doctors who are incredible
and it reminded me of our broken and sensitive our 
finite human bodies are, and just how much we all
need Jesus. Daily. 

I was required to rest and not drive for 24 hours just in case
concussion-like symptoms appeared. 
But gratefully they didn't. I was okay. 
And reminded how important life is
and how careful we must be with what God has given to us.

Hubby was gone much of Saturday, serving at church so willingly 
and picking up two items we'd purchased online super cheap from two
area suburbs. We missed him dearly especially with my head injury.
But we were reminded just how much we cherish him and his
helpfulness & sacrifices. And we are so grateful to be rid now of said-table
that I hit my head on, now that we have a new organization center for our kitchen, 
and we have an incredible new climbing/slide/play station in our family room 
for Elijah. Both items are fantastic additions to our home for only $30. 
So grateful and humbled by what we have.

My mom called a couple hours after lunch with the bad, distressing news
that my stepbrother had been found dead.
No reason. 45 years old. Tragic. 
But God has given comfort to so many in the midst of this tragedy.
Please pray for Jay's 3 kids, 3 sisters, my stepdad and mom, 
nieces & nephews, etc. Please pray for people to come to 
know and love Jesus from this. 

Late Sunday afternoon, we managed to squeeze in taking family photos with our tripod and remote. 

And if you get our Christmas cards, you'll get to see the rest of the good ones. ;) 

It was nice to be able to end the weekend on a high note!
Rough weekends happen. It makes for long weeks sometimes. 
But God is there in the midst of all of it. 
It could certainly be better. It can always be worse.
And we are so grateful and humbled by his love and goodness to us.

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